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Tips for Plus Size Sugar Babies While Seeking Arrangements

plus size sugar babies Frankly, lots of sugar daddies will have a preference for a fit bombshell kind of sugar baby, what we called BBW sugar baby or plus size sugar baby. On this page, we will offer some advice for curvy sugar babies. To be a successful BBW sugar baby, you have to have your skin as thick as your thighs, and you need patience, even you’ll face several times of rejection, it doesn’t matter. No matter you are a big curvy woman or BBW Sugar Daddy, embracing who you really are and strive to find like-minded people who prefer your types, keep happy and healthy.

1.Keep your body in proportion

Although it’s hard to change your body to a shaped figure, embrace who you are and try to keep your body in proportion. Choose clothes that give your body a sexy shape, flaunt your body especially you’re a plus-sized sugar baby with an hourglass figure. Whatever your body type is, embrace it and find your best assets and make sure your profile photos highlight all your best features.

2.Make yourself smell well

For BBW sugar daddy and sugar baby, our bodies may seem a little bigger than others, so we’d better take extra care of it to make us smell well. We can shower a little longer, wear extra perfume to attract potential daddies’ attention, and leave them a good impression. Make sure that you use soaps, body washes, and scrubs that are natural with a nice strong scent lasting for a long time. Also, choose some products which can keep your pits free with a sweet smell. If you’ve done all those things, go out to embrace your sugar daddy.

3.Be honest on your profile

When you’re creating your sugar baby profile, you’d better be honest on your profile and upload your sexy photos on your profile(do not over PS). potential sugar daddies or sugar babies who prefer your types will send message to you. Before setting up an arrangement with your sugar daddy, you’d better contact him and give him a reasonable expectation especially when your photos don’t depict your figure well.

4.Wear high heels

Prepare at least one pair of comfortable high heels, as you can wear them to match either jeans or formal function clothes, which could make your legs look longer. If you’re not good at high heels, wedges must be the best alternatives, as they can be super high but still really comfortable and easy to gracefully walk in.

5.Beach vacation

If your sugar daddy takes you going to an amazing beach vacation, how to wear to show your best features? Remember that do not wear a giant T-shirt even though it makes you feel comfortable. A fit nice, black or darker colored bathing suit would be better. Darker colored clothing, especially those having a plunging neckline or open back swimsuit is better to show your sexy curvy body. Show the right amount of your skin will help you a lot.


Before meeting sugar daddy, excepting dress well but also make sure your face looks beautiful. If you feel a little embarrassed by a few flaws, BB cream or DW would be a great way to blur those blemishes. Before going to bed, please remember to completely clean your makeups, moisturize, and take care of your skin.

7.Keep fit

Be confidence. An energetic and confident curvy sugar baby will bring others’ happiness, and be surrounded by love. So remember: keep healthy, be confident, and take care of yourself. Most successful sugar daddies will keep fit regularly, why not join him - go to the gym together, go out for hiking and other sports. Your sugar daddy will appreciate your company.

How to find like-minded Sugar Daddy BBW?

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